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I Dream In Widescreen 2023

Updated: May 8, 2023

Friday Night Movie & the University of Arizona’s School of Theatre, Film & Television are back together! This time, Becky and Shai are on the ground in Tucson with special coverage of I Dream in Widescreen 2023, the 18th annual showcase of senior thesis films made by UArizona’s brilliant next generation filmmakers. This two-part special has everything: laughs, tears, scares, Star Wars movie rankings, and more!

Part 1

Unconditional - A distraught teen contends with her absentminded mother as they struggle to mend their relationship - Chloe Pesso (Director) and Isabella Russo (Actor)

The Rematch - A once promising amateur boxer must decide whether to leave behind his life in the ring - Myles Gordon (Director, Writer) and Kaila Hines (Producer, Writer)

Faculty Roundtable - Jacob Bricca (Head of Film & Television Production), Lisanne Skyler (Film & Television Production), Hank Stratton (Head of Acting), Kevin Black, (Acting, Voice/Movement, Screen Acting)

Part 2

Deserted - A rock climber fights for his life as he is stalked by an unknown creature - Ryan Ramsey (Director, Writer) and Babacar Bar (Actor)

The Art of Leaving Home - A stubborn young woman, anxious to see the world, must first overcome the Jewish guilt placed upon her by her overcritical grandmother - Hadas Bar (Director, Writer) and Kyle Openshaw (Producer)

The Rise of Ronnie - A man clearly past his prime hires a documentary film crew in his quixotic quest to prove he's a boxer destined for greatness - Zack Richardson (Director)

Mateo Siegel (Co-Writer on Deserted, Sound Designer & Composer on Sunbeam, Composer on Old Times Not Forgotten, Composer on The Wizard No More)

Follow our guests on IG:

@jayred_gordon (Myles Gordon)

@mouteck (Hadas Bar)

@framedby35 (Kyle Openshaw)

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