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Korman Siblings' Friday Night Movie Podcast Wins Big at 2023 Signal Awards and Expands with Substack

The Friday Night Movie Podcast, celebrated for its unique sibling co-host team, once again won big at the 2023 Signal Awards, taking home "Best Co-Host Team in a Limited Series" and "Listener's Choice." Shai, Lily, and Becky Korman's chemistry has been a key ingredient to their success, offering a distinct and relatable perspective to their discussions on movies and television. This year’s awards recognize the Korman siblings’ outstanding coverage of independent film and music at SXSW 2023, where they were featured at the University of Arizona's Wonder House. Amidst a field that included Apple, Audible, SiriusXM, Vox, and other celebrated podcasts and networks, indie Friday Night Movie’s repeat Signal Awards wins underscore the show’s unique voice and growing listening community. 

The Korman siblings’ dynamic that has captivated listeners expands this year with a weekly Substack newsletter. This newsletter, an extension of the Shai, Lily, and Becky’s engaging banter, will offer show highlights, curated movie and TV recommendations, and a trove of personal childhood photos. "Friday Night Movie is more than just a podcast; it's a family that continues to grow," said Shai Korman.

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