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Holly Montgomery, Jenny Langer, the Boneshakers

DC's own Holly Montgomery (Holly Montgomery, the Boneshakers, Mustangs of the West) and Jenny Langer (the Boneshakers) are taking the SXSW music festival by storm with their soulful vocals and contagious grooves. They sat down with Friday Night Movie to talk about their musical journeys, music in movies, and answer the question: if your band was a movie, which one would it be? Holly is playing in three showcases at the Saxon Pub including two on March 14 (solo band, Boneshakers) and one on March 16 (Mustangs of the West). Jenny is the lead singer of the Boneshakers who are playing a showcase at the Saxon Pub on March 14.

Follow all of the Friday Night Movie SXSW 2023 coverage and join Becky and Shai at the Wonder House March 11-14, noon-5pm, at Café Blue Downtown Austin, courtesy of the University of Arizona.

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